Trend alert: ARMPIT HAIR DYE

I work at Vain, one of Seattle's most beloved salons. I have always wanted to color someone's pit hair. I have actually done it once, but It was a late night with too much wine and without the proper tools available. I asked my co-worker Rain if she would be down to let me dye her pit hair blue to match her hair color and she agreed, heartily. (OR should I say pitily.) We both knew that we were jumping into uncharted territory, but we felt that Vain was just the place to pioneer some pit ...
Ja, hva synes dere?
Skal vi farge håret i armhulen så det matcher topplokket?
Dyeing Your Armpit Hair Colors | POPSUGAR BeautyHi Kirst. I was wondering what you have on tomorrow? I need someone to bring livvi into Ballarat and pick Chels up from school and bring to me near
how to dye your armpits...really?!?!?!


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