Føn og bølger!

Voluminous Blowouts and Retro Pin Curls: easy way to curl hair with damp hair wrap hair like so and pin then blow dry or sleep in iti wonder if this would work for my length: Quick Hair Tip: Blow dry hair until it's almost dry (80%) put in loose pony tail then twist around itself & secure in place. Spritz with hairspray & continue to blow dry for 10 minutes or so on low/medium heat to stop frizz. Let locks cool before taking out bun then rake fingers through to get lovely waves.
Blow Dry for volume w/ barrel curls


Hair how to: D?s bouncy blow dry.  At D's farewell show, the hypnotically bright collection was glued together with free flowing, blow dried hair. But while blow dries advertise themselves to be easy-to-achieve, it?s important to get the optimum bounce in the roots and ensure the soft waves frame the face. Here's how to get it right.How to get Smooth Straight Hair 1.	Separate your hair into four sections 2.	Blow dry each section with a large round brush pulling it to the floor and rolling the brush either under or out at the ends 3.	Make sure the blow dryer nozzle stays down with the direction of the hair , it will help the hair cuticle stay smooth


En god vask & føn er undervurdert! 
Dette er noe alle burde unne seg hos frisøren.. Får du spørsmål om hvordan du vil style håret før du går? Ønsker du volum og bølger, eller helt stritt, men likevel luftig?  

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